AI: future trends in companies

Digital transformation already occupies a significant space in companies. The continuous use of the internet, mobile devices, and the cloud application were able to provide substantial changes in this environment.

After a few decades in which everyone heard about artificial intelligence (AI), profound current developments, data availability, and the increase in verification capacity, they managed to demonstrate what digital transformation would be. After all, AI guarantees to “shake up” how companies organize and add value to consumers.

In this sense, it is already possible to identify trends with the most significant potential to impress companies that are relying on AI, which are:

Perfecting agility

What sets AI apart from other digital technologies is its fast pace of improvement, given that the uninterrupted use of algorithms adds to its effectiveness. With this, it is possible to achieve speedy progress.

Obedience of technological powers

The advancement of AI around the world is driven by two superpowers that centralize much of AI investment and research. According to recent study “More than 10,000 intelligence organizations have been created artificially since 2015, a $ 37 billion private transfer, and thousands of extra programmers have been recruited for AI projects globally in the past three years, according to the sheer volume of technology it has required”.

Important to mention that as for Latin America, companies base their solutions on products and support from Americans like Google and Amazon.

Technology popularization

The offering of numerous open-source and cloud items sold in payment prototypes has popularized AI-based solutions. The barriers to entry associated with technology costs are almost gone. Essential companies and even recent startups have access to advanced structures linked to technology. The economic means, which prevented companies from supporting new technologies in the market, are no longer an obstacle today.

Diffused adoption

Very soon, the stimulus will be to go through concept tests, limited use cases, and siled models for the spread of technology throughout the organization. With the widespread reception, companies that intend to increase AI’s cost as an effective way will get the means to connect users with business forms.

Social role

Given the growth in the largest companies’ ability to use AI, it generates excellent commotion in society. The chances that AI provides to measure and customize resources represent a loophole to transfer services and products to everyone in the community in a more sensible way. Social obstacles, such as financial integration and improving health for most of society, can be faced in a new way when using AI. It is important to remember that it is evident that technology can move many people with this association.

With that, it can be concluded that having these conditions does not only require application in the available tools but also in a reformulation of the companies that cover the development requests that guarantee the administration of data and the qualification of people with aptitudes to provide use cases that corroborate that the projects are viable and efficient.

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