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Data today has turned out to be a critical asset for companies looking to make smarter decisions. However, companies with a more advanced view have begun to perceive and value numbers in reports and dashboards. They are using modern data solutions to implement operational workflows with data, generating tremendous value for your business. 

With a modern data analysis platform, like BigQuery and Looker, your company can know what users and customers want. It ends up moving product development with great insights. It makes organizations discover new revenue streams by obtaining data from applications to deliver reasonable customer expectations with data-based workflows.

When it comes to modernizing analysis, there are some things
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Prefer analytical products that scale Cost-benefit

The products are chosen to carry out data analysis, such as databases and data warehouses, preferably have to change the business, increasing or decreasing by seconds, without the need to manage your infrastructure manually.

With cloud analysis without a server, solutions like BigQuery, and other data analysis products, your company can answer questions quickly, and your research will be carried out quickly and reduce your cost.

Search for customized solutions specific to your business

By opting for packaged analytical solutions created to support a company’s sector, it makes matters more agile and practical to solve in everyday life.

When a company uses the cloud, it can improve contact center operations, document automation processing, and more. For example, a large food retailer needed to ensure that it had the right products, in front of the right shoppers, in the right place in the store.

With Google Cloud, this company developed a variety of recommendation tools that helped the chain support more personalized selection at the store level, offering store directors autonomy to influence inventory needs and the visibility of merchandising decisions from each of its franchised stores.

Also, for retail, Google has solutions that support sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, and media and entertainment.

It is worth knowing more about these advantages.

Find analysis tools that take advantage of AI and ML

Today, one of the most innovative features is found in AI-based analytical solutions. Such resources were created to simplify management and operations, improve experiences, and generate new insights. By using AI, it will be possible to train a new set of data developers and scientists who can build analysis-based applications, as well as unlocking insights in new ways.

With AI, business users can provide self-service visualizations to build ad hoc exploration.

With BigQuery ML, companies can train models using standard SQL in BigQuery and deliver trains and serve the underlying managed infrastructure, reducing complexity and a significant amount of hours of work.

Data protection and secure operations

It is essential to invest in data analysis products with adequate governance security,

and reliability controls that offer high availability, so that your company has data protection, as well as its users.

In this sense, agility has to do with maintaining business continuity, relying on analysis products that automatically store, replicate, and back up data.

Today, many companies are operating remotely, so data protection is essential outside the office walls and everywhere. BigQuery, for example, supports 99.99% availability SLAs for data storage.

Thus, when times can obtain effective analysis products designed for insights, they collaborate to elaborate on a decision-making culture based on data and better results for everyone in the organization.

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