In the current business scenario, a new cultural and not just digital change is essential: Google Cloud

Julio Velázquez, director of Google Cloud Mexico, recently spoke about the diseases and the advantages that Mexico has during the pandemic period.

In the past few months, we have experienced that organizations are concerned with the future of business. As we can see, most companies are facing the crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

With this in mind, in order to reduce these losses and price increases, some experts and several companies, mainly technology companies, advised that the best thing at the moment is to resort to digitization, hoping that these tools will solve or at least improve the difficult economic activation .

According to Julio Velázquez, director of Google Cloud Mexico, in the face of the crisis facing the entire world, a scenario of transformation takes precedence in every way, from the structural, to the business model, to the work teams, which leads one to think in a cultural change.

He points out that the moment that companies are going through is undoubtedly important, although there are areas of opportunity, mainly in changing paradigms and numbers already established, from employment to life plans.

The acceleration brought by the pandemic defines that the use of tools and applications that land their processes in the cloud has increased, as well as the vision of companies to work on these platforms.

It is a fact and he describes that the pandemic that the world is going through has become a clear example to accelerate its adoption.

“If (adoption) accelerated before the pandemic. I see greater acceptance of the value offered by the cloud as a vehicle for the provision of services, I see important advances in all regulatory issues. For example, in the banking sector, there is greater acceptance and better understanding, data management, etc. If I believe that there is greater maturity and not only in the banking sector, but in sectors such as retail, obviously more now, “says the manager.

A few weeks ago, Google Cloud opened a suite of applications publicly so that companies could work with the use of applications like Google Meet, their video conferencing service, which has shown exponential growth in recent months.

“Now, what companies are looking for is more with less, operational efficiency plays an important role in the cloud and I think it is evolving. I would not say it is more mature, but all the conversations I have with customers are eager to speed up” , he stressed.

Google Cloud is currently working closely with governments, healthcare organizations, schools, the scientific community and businesses to help them respond to covid-19 by helping the contact centers of government, healthcare and retail organizations to respond safer and faster way to address citizens ‘and customers’ concerns about COVID-19 through chatbots.

It is also worth remembering that the organization also works to combat the phishing and malware threats related to COVID-19 in Gmail, blocking more than 100 million of these attacks every day.

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