5 Advantages of Having a Managed Cloud Services

There are many benefits to have a managed cloud service. Security, cost-cutting, focus on productivity, and more. Check out some possibilities that make the days of an infrastructure team easier.

A few weeks ago, The Recovery Summit 2020 event showed up trends in the global economy and strategies for companies to survive.

Dr. Alex Osterwalder, the author of Business Model Generation, and one of the speakers at the event talked about building an invincible company today and showed that innovation is a viable path.
One of the slides demonstrated the obstacles that market leaders face:

Dr. Alex Osterwalder’s keynote slide during “The Recovery Summit 2020.” 

Most CEOs spend 10% of their time thinking about innovation, and a small minority uses 50% (or more) of their time to think about how to reinvent themselves.

If a company wants to innovate in its product, market, or processes, it must be in a favorable environment.

The IT reality

IT managers and CIOs waste time taking care of smalls details on internal processes, causing misuse of the team.

We could call as handyman teams, which end up stuck in monitoring tasks, application availability, and communication. The company doesn’t have a focus on core business and productivity.

“Outsource your weaknesses.”

A solution to modernize processes and focus on business is the managed cloud data services.
With it, you have skilled labor, a customized structure, and efficient working methods.

Check out five reasons that will help your organization.

1- Central server

Companies had internal servers and their own team’s structure to keep activities on regular days. With the quarantine and the escape from the offices, many IT processes and routines are exposing.

Managed services providers keep all the data in central servers using the same protection as AWS and Google. It makes it possible to work remotely and supporting all the team.

2- Up-to-date knowledge

An in-house team can be costly, even for medium or small businesses. It has expenses preparing your staff up to date with new training and certifications.
A managed cloud services provider, as Webera, it results in a cost reduction. You have the right technicians and staff suitable for your needs.

3- Monitoring 24 hours a day

Weekends, holidays, or even a server failure can disrupt your business. With the managed service, you have a monitoring and checking, ensuring security and smooth operation 24×7.

4- Structure scalability

The IT department is always subject to changes. A simple example is Start-Ups. The goals can change; there are possibilities of sudden growth. Cloud service management has the necessary scalability for it.

Get bigger when it needs.

5- Data recovery

Companies need to have a backup structure. With a managed cloud service, you can rest assured that. All information will be in the cloud, with a useful backup routine, which will guarantee your organization’s recovery at any time.

Check all benefits of Webera’s managed cloud service here and keep your team focused on what matters: growing your business.

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