Discover G Suite Essentials And Know If It Is Right For Your Business

Companies using an email and calendar solution outside the G Suite package can now work integrated with the popular Google suite tools and resources. Check out how the new Essentials format works.

G Suite has always known for its easy-to-use applications. The most popular features are video conferencing, calendaring, and creating documents (text, spreadsheets, and presentations). The most significant facility, when it comes to document resources, is to work online and collaboratively. With the Enterprise package, you have numerous benefits in addition to sharing and participating in your team’s projects by editing and commenting on files in real-time, wherever you are. This time, Google extended the necessary applications to the new G Suite Essentials plan.

The new model companies that already use other email and calendar tools can take advantage of the primary resources, such as Meet and Docs.
The integration of G Suite Essentials with another solution is simple. All it takes to get started is the organization’s email address.

G Suite Applications Available In G Suite Essentials
  1. Meet

With the increase in remote work, more than 100 million people use Google’s video conferencing and calling solutions daily. With Meet, it is possible to hold meetings with more than 150 participants.

Another important detail is that G Suite Essentials allows employees to schedule and attend meetings through the Outlook calendar.

2. Drive

Google’s cloud file storage and sharing feature are also available in the new version of G Suite.

There are 100GB per user and a 2TB storage pool in the cloud.

All employees can access the files, and all content can be accessed directly from the desktop.

3. Google Doc, Sheets, and Slide

Those who use the G Suite Empresas applications already know the ease of working with online documents. Not having the concern of giving a “CTR+S” to guarantee that no information will be lost is already a benefit. Right?

Besides, the Docs, Sheets, and Slides tools guarantee a collaborative workflow. Collaborators will be able to create, share, collaborate, and edit documents online—all of this at the same time, in real-time.

4. More Tools Offered In G Suite Essentials

The new suite offering from G Suite also offers the Forms solution, which makes conducting online surveys simple, Keep, for notes and Sites for creating websites.

It is always important to remember that for any Google solution acquired by Webera, you have exclusive service and 24 x 7 support. We’re here to help you!

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