Accelerate business growth using Google Cloud Platform for SMBs

With a short time and limited resources, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) need solutions to accelerate and innovate to achieve a good competitive advantage.

In this sense, many companies are adhering to cloud technologies that can improve productivity and help with time management by improving their businesses.

To understand the challenges SMBs face when adopting cloud technologies, Google commissioned a survey from IDC to assess how Google Cloud could meet its unique needs.

Today, this study’s results are about the improved business value of performance and efficiency with the Google Cloud Platform, which describes how these small and medium-sized businesses can accelerate business growth while achieving greater cost efficiency.

So, as part of this study, IDC found that customers using Google Cloud SMB can achieve a 222% return on their investment over three years, with an average annual benefit of $ 1.09 million per year per organization.

1. Improve IT agility and productivity

IDC’s research was able to identify that small and medium-sized companies almost always need to react quickly to changes in demand and customer behavior. Google Cloud can make SMBs scale up or down to meet demand by paying only for their use.

In that study, IDC also shared training on how Google Cloud helps application development teams through greater infrastructure agility, scalability, flexible capacity, and other platform features, such as automatic scaling with Kubernetes Engine to meet the requirements of constantly changing businesses.

IDC eventually found that continued access to the resources needed to efficiently create new applications and resources on Google Cloud resulted in an additional 19% in developer productivity or the equivalent of more than four different members of the development team.

2. Improve business results and performance

Small and medium-sized businesses cannot always rely on existing customer relationships or even your brand to help maintain and expand your business.

They need to be quick and adaptable to take full advantage of business opportunities whenever they arise and meet customer expectations consistently.

IDC found that Google Cloud Platform offers more agility, flexibility, and performance, helping SMBs grow their business faster.

Using state-of-the-art cloud services such as Google BigQuery, Kubernetes Engine, and AutoML, companies can earn 16% per year per organization or $ 881,500 annually.

3. Achieve a reduction in operating costs

Small and medium-sized companies generally have set budgets with low values ​​and small teams, so it is crucial to run IT operations economically.

The efficiency of the teams can help a lot in reducing the cost of operations. Using the Google Cloud Platform, IDC found that SMBs achieved a 41% improvement in overall IT staff efficiency or nearly three IT staff resources’ equivalent productivity.

When verifying infrastructure costs, IDC calculated that SMBs spend 26% less in three years with Google Cloud Platform with preemptive VM instances, automatic patching, strong Google customer support team, and serverless offerings that contribute to cost reduction.

4- Learn how to help small and medium businesses achieve more with the cloud

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