Google Cloud and AWS: The Impacts During the Pandemic

Considering the “stay at home” behavior that we face, being in the Cloud is still necessary for organizations. It is the right navigator to maintain the business route, searching for goals, efficient deliveries, and growth.

Cloud computing resources are crucial and are keeping the world running. It offers security, data scalability, DevOps facilities, VMs controlling, etc.
The educational sector uses cloud technology to advance teaching; retail needs cloud tools to maintain processes and sales, the same as financial services, government, etc. Most of us need cloud technology, including keeping leisure, such as playing games, watching movies, and social relations.

Searches increment for remote activities during the past 12 months (Source: Google Trends, US)

The worldwide sector is upbeat. For example, Asia-Pacific grew 25% in the first quarter of 2020, reaching US 1.7 billion in annual contract value.
The high demand made the cloud sector react quickly to meet the market. Here, you will check some actions that Google Cloud and AWS are taking to deliver it best during this new scenario.

Google Cloud: A New Era of Cloud Segment

Cloud technology is gaining force on Google. In the first quarter of 2020, Google Cloud had an impressive 52% growth within. Infrastructure services, data analysis are the solutions that drove this increase in new contracts for the organization. According to Google Cloud CEO, Thomas Kurian, the sectors that stood out the most during the pandemic were government, retail, telecommunication, health, financial market, media, and communication.

Google Cloud and its feature pack, G Suite, was responsible for the 13% revenue increase for Alphabet Inc., a conglomerate of companies that controls Google and its brand.
When the company realized that COVID-19 was reaching all continents, the priority was to protect all its employees. It canceled Google Cloud Next, the most prominent company’s annual conference of the segment, which took place in San Francisco in April. All the meeting is happening online, from July 14th to September 8th.

The next step was to prepare for the exponential growth of the cloud market. Google Cloud invested in new data centers in North America, Asia, and the Middle East. The company also expanded human forces increasing sales teams and specific technical positions on a large scale.

Digital Transformation With Google Meet

Google is a contributor to the anticipation of digital transformation we have been waiting for in the coming years. It introduced essential measures helping many people to overcome the obstacles imposed by the pandemic.
To keep the communication between professionals teammates and students from around the world during social distance, Google Meet features video conferencing with up to 250 participants and live streams for 100.000 people at the same time. All these possibilities for free. You only need a Google account to start and enjoy all these resources.
Kurian also pointed out that 300 million people use Google Meet, the video conference tool of G Suite. The solution also provides collaborative applications that allow the remotely work.

AWS: Leadership Structure, and Resources

AWS leads the cloud computing sector, accounting for 32% of the marketing (regarding the first quarter of 2020). Companies that are crossing an experiencing peak usage are their customers, for example, Netflix, Zoom, and Slack. To maintain its service and support its workloads, the giant increased its data center capacity opening two new structures — in Italy and South Africa.

The many launches of services offered by its team of developers can justify this leadership. Another feature is the facility of the programming. You can use Oracle Database or MySQL code, for instance, without transcribing everything again, in a specific language.

AWS Against COVID-19

Amazon Web Services is also involved in initiatives to combat the pandemic, such as the CORD-19. The project uses AI technology to organize thousands of articles and discoveries about COVID-19 with neutral language. The platform develops quickly and offers research results with the precision of the scientific community’s original pieces.

AWS has also launched a help front for its customers who are working to make discoveries about Covid-19. The initiative has an initial investment of US 20 million in credits to help with research, diagnostics, and testing. The brand believes that the incentive could help in discoveries and thus.

You can check out other Amazon actions to help fight the coronavirus and the problems caused by the pandemic here.

Despite all the changes we are going through today, it is possible to understand why the sector is growing. Cloud solutions have become a priority. It provides quick flexibility to different scenarios for companies of any size.

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