5 essential tips for video calls

During quarantine, flexibility is the highest priority in everyone’s life working from home, and technology is the central driver of this flexibility.

Video calls are one of the most practical ways to hold meetings and virtually connect with all our work partners.

But still, it is not always so easy. So, let’s share some essential tips to help you using Google Meet.

Tip 1: Choose the right environment

Pay attention to what is around you, and don’t forget to notice the scenery in the background.

Try to choose a smooth wall and avoid open windows with a lot of light. Also, the light should not be in the back but illuminating your face. What’s more: if you have a laptop, support it on a stable surface.

Tip 2: Invite anyone at any time

Use Google Meet, as it automatically creates international calling codes so people can call you from anywhere in the world. Another relevant factor is that you can invite people in 3 different ways: via Google Calendar, email, or phone. Check out Meet Help to get started.

Tip 3: Are you presenting the meeting? Show what you want to show

To avoid certain constraints, share a specific window in your video call. It ensures you will avoid distractions and any embarrassment. Be aware of your environment sounds, including if the microphone is capturing your keyboard and take care of any allergy-related symptoms before joining a meeting or be prepared to mute your mic. 

Tip 4: Want to see the big picture? Change the view

Use Google Meet to be able to change the screen display modes.

For example, if someone shows a slide show and, at the same time, an exciting discussion is taking place in the office, you can change the screen layout so that only people show up, not the presentation. Isn’t it great?

Tip 5: Be transparent

It is our current new normal, so showing a little bit of your routine can extend more genuine connections with co-workers, it helps in the long run and creates empathy. 

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